Xyron 1255 Cold Laminator

Laminate up to thicknesses of 3/16″ – Coroplast, gator board, foam core, etc.

The Xyron 1255 is a full 12″ wide cold laminator that doesn’t use electricity or heat to operate.  So there is no warm up needed.  It’s an On Demand laminator that’s ready whenever you are.  
Now offering New Low Pricing on the 1255 and laminate refills, see the chart below!  If you own a Brady BLS 1255 cold laminator, any of the laminate refills for the 1255 will fit your system.

The Xyron Pro 1255 lamination system is a full 12″ wide laminator.  Simply insert your document into the machine, turn the handle and trim. No smell, no mess, no waiting.  Move your document thru as fast or slow as you want. Stop the laminate where you want and trim.  No waste.  With many hot laminators, waste is as much as 30%-50% of the total film set.

The Xyron 1255 uses gears rather than an electric motor. We don’t offer extended warranties because there really is nothing to break.  That means you can operate the laminator faster and less expensively.  Try waiting for a pouch laminator to heat up and then how long does it take to move documents through its system?  It seems like forever!


Beacause the film is an adhesive similiar to a roll of tape, everything it touches it seals to.  That means you’ll be able to cut into items and up to edges without then film peeling apart or separating.  

Everything most customers hate about their hot laminators have been eliminated – no electricity, heat or warm up.  No wasted film like a hot laminator and no maintenance or breakdowns.  This laminator is truly a green tool!  

Xyron 1255′s are great tools for lots of different uses and offer a number of films and adhesive solutions. Customers have choices of double side laminate, single sided laminate, single sided laminate with adhesive backs and adhesives only.  Not to mention high tack and repositionable adhesives.

You could not get a better education laminator. Because there is no electricity or heat, kids can use these machines without fear of being burned. And small or unusual size items like circles, squares, triangles can all be laminated with less mess and trimmed to the edges without concern of peeling apart.

Graphic artists love these machines because they can apply adhesives without film protection and mount their mock ups or designs without noxious fumes from spray adhesives.

The 1255 cold lamination system is On Demand laminator ready to operate whenever you need it. And it weighs under 20 lbs. 

To see a Demonstration of the Xyron 1255, please visit our Video Demonstration Page

Please Note:  We do offer quantity discounts that will appear for laminate orders at checkout: 1-2 sets, 3-8 sets, 9-14 sets and 15 or more.  These discounts are based on orders of the same product and not mix or match.  You may also call us at 800-321-5716 or email for better prices & questions.