Laminating Machines is home to Xyron’s largest education reseller in the US is a one stop shop for all major brand cold laminators and cold laminate refills for Xyron and that are compatible with 3M Scotch LS 1050, CoolLam, eCool, VariQuest® 2510, Varitronics® ProFinish, and others.  Bright White Paper Co. is Xyron’s largest education reseller in the U.S. supplying schools, universities and colleges in the U.S. along with businesses, government and military around the world.  If you have questions about a cold laminator or about laminate supplies for your system, you should find the answers on our Video Demo page.  If not, we’re only a phone call or email away.


There are major benefits of a cold laminator Vs. just about any hot laminator. Cold laminators don’t use electricty to operate therefore there is no warmup, heat, or odor.  Plus cold laminators operate manually (12″ & 25″ systems) with  a handle and a bunch of gears so there is no issue of maintenance or breakdowns like a hot laminator.  Finally because you can stop and start your laminator anywhere you want, trim it where you want, you eliminate almost all waste.  Kids can operate it, no one will get burned and, it’s a green.  With a cold laminator, the machine is ready whenever you are; no waiting!  Laminate On demand whenever you want.


You’ll find that most cold laminators are manufactured by Xyron and are typically either renamed such as the Scotch LS 1050 or CoolLam or, are identical systems created with a proprietary component such as ProFinish or the VariQuest 2510.  In either case, the laminators and laminate refills are usually more costly than purchasing the Xyron brand system.  The good news is our prices for 12″, 25″, 38″/44″ and even 60″ wide machines and laminate refills for your system will be less expensive at a savings well below your dealer’s prices.  Just vist your machine’s page on this site to see (select cold laminators or laminate refills at the top of this page).


We’re an authorized dealer for Xyron and an expert on their commercial laminators  We ship Xyron products throughout the US including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and around the world like Singapore, Norway, Finland and more.  We are also a   stocking dealer for Xyron so lamination refills are typically available – double sided (DL), single sided (SL), single sided with adhesive backs (LAT) and adhesives only products (AT) –  and ship same day or within 24 hours of an order.   Best of all, our prices are always discounted saving customers lots of money.  Overnights, 2nd days, etc. are never a problem – all you have to do is let us know when you want your product to arrive and where.  You can reach us for questions and place orders by calling our 800#, by email or order online.   Thanks for finding us.


We gladly accept School PO’s and are happy to complete and paper work you need including W-9’s.


IMPORTANT: Beware Xyron 3rd parties or OEM’s their machines for other companies like 3M & Scotch and Varitronics or Variquest.  Don’t be fooled – these machines are the 2500 just slightly modified or proprietary. Many times these proprietary systems and their laminate rolls are much more expensive than owning the manufacturer’s own product line. If you are looking at a cold laminator, ask questions about similiar machines and laminate refill costs.  Also note the Xyron 2500 is sold under other names like CoolLam and eCool.  These are the Xyron 2500 lamination machines just with a different name but the laminate refills are identical and more expensive through the other dealers. By selecting a Xyron brand machine you are always assured of a full warranty and discounted pricing.


Please visit our Video Demo page for help on Cold Laminators and replacing laminate refills.