What Is A Cold Laminator?

We like to say cold laminators are Clean, Green and Ready to Operate whenever you want to laminate.

What is a cold laminator?   A simpler way to laminate!

First, there is no electricity needed to operate so there is no heat or warm up required. When you’re ready to laminate, so is the machine. No electricity makes it a green tool and much safer for the environment.

Second, operation is as simple as turning the handle which moves your materials through the laminator as fast or slow as you want. Because this laminator only uses gears to operate rather than a motor and heating elements, there is no maintenance issues or breaking like a hot laminator. We also don’t offer extended warranties or maintenance contracts because it should never break.  Add it up – this becomes a giant savings short term as well as long term.

Third, because you stop laminating your materials where you want and trim it where you want, there is no waste. The film is an adhesive similar to tape so everything it touches it seals to. That means you can easily trim into items and up to edges and it will never peel up.  You don’t have to leave room between documents anymore.  Anyone who has operated a hot laminator knows there is a tremendous amount of waste – documents peeling apart, waste in the front, waste in the back, rippling, pulling documents, etc.  Not with cold lamination.

There’s more:  The laminate is thicker than typical hot laminate – almost 5 mil top and bottom. Because there is no heat needed, there is no  odor to stink up the building.  Kids can operate the laminator without a concern of burning themselves. The handle easily goes on and comes off which means when it’s off, no one can operate the laminator without permission. Xyron cold laminators are versatile tools and offer a number different films and adhesives choices – double side laminate, single sided laminate only, single sided laminate with adhesive backs and adhesives only, not to mention high tack and re positionable adhesives.

Xyron cold laminators are great tools that make a real difference. Laminating is easy, fast and because there is no electricity, no waste or maintenance issues, they’re less expensive to operate than hot laminators in the long run.

Visit our Video Demo Page to see how cold laminators operate, benefits of cold lamination and more. 

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