Compatible supplies for Variquest® Cold Laminator 2510

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If you are considering purchasing the Variquest® Cold Laminator 2510, it’s a fact you are going to overpay  for your cold laminator and laminate refills!

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The 2510 is a proprietary machine even though they look alike, operate alike and are both 25″ wide. Their machine retails for $1995 catalog pricing, our everyday price for the Xyron 2500 – $1,295.00 or better. Why spend more?

It’s the same issue with the Varitronics® 24″ ProFinish Laminating Machine. This cold laminator competes with the Xyron 2500 except it’s 1″ smaller making the laminate refills proprietary and again much more costly. Sorry, you can’t put a 25″ wide roll into a 24″ machine.
DSC003171Click Here to see our 25″ Cold Laminator Spinner Tray. Allows you to spin your laminator 360 degrees with just a finger. Spin your machine around to the back to load laminate, to the front to set up the laminate and load originals. Spin it to the side to operate your laminator.

If you have questions, please ask. Our cold laminate refill sets are in stock and usually ship same day or within 24 hours of an order. School PO’s are always welcome and we are affiliated with many school districts across the U.S. If you need us to competively bid, complete paper work or provide a W-9, we’re happy to help. Thanks for finding us.

Visit our video page for 25″ cold laminator demos, laminate loading and more.


Our everyday prices beat their Promo Prices. Please ask us about quantity discounts starting at 3 or more sets.   We ship worldwide.