Cold Laminator Spinner Trays for 24" and 25" lamination systems

A platform designed specifically for your 24″ or 25″ wide cold laminator easily allowing you to spin it 360 degrees without lifting or moving your machine.

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The 25″ wide cold laminator weighs about 60 lbs and loaded with rolls of laminate another 20 lbs.  That’s heavy!  And when loading your laminator with laminate refills, you have to do so from the front and back.   Hot laminators only operate from the front of the machine.  With these systems, originals load from the front but you turn your handle from the side.  This spinner gives you the flexibility to place you laminator in one spot and spin it freely from front to back and all around without lifting or moving your machine and without any effort..

Simply place your cold laminator on the tray and it’s ready to go. The platform is built on strong table and balanced on a spinner sturdy enough to handle up to 500 lbs. Two sides of the platform are bordered with an edge eliminating any chance the machine can move or fall off.

Use with the Xyron 2500, Variquest™ 2510 laminator, Varitronics® ProFinish®, CoolLam, E Cool, 3M/Scotch brand laminating machines.

This Spinner Tray is hand made in our factory in Florida.