3M Scotch LS 1050 Cold Laminator

You’ll think your laminate refill sets are on sale!

Xyron 3rd parties their machines for other companies who put their names on them like 3M Scotch brand LS 1050 25″ cold laminators.  The laminate roll refills end up costing customers substantially more because it is private labeled. With the 3M Scotch laminate roll sets, you’ll get only 250′ of laminate.  However, under the Xyron brand, you’ll get an extra 50′ or a total of 300 linear feet.  That’s a big difference in footage and a lot less cost.

Laminate Refills for this system are the same laminate sets used by the Xyron 2500 cold laminator 25″ wide.  Please select this link for your 3M cold Laminator refills or Scotch LS 1050 cold laminator refills.  Laminate refills for this product are normally 250 feet, our refills are 300 foot long sets.

If you’re looking to purchase a cold laminator save money by purchasing the manufacturer’s brand – Xyron 1255 (12″), Xyron 2500 (25″) or the Xyron 4400 (38″ & 42″).

See for yourself; compare pricing and laminate roll length for the 3M Scotch cold laminators.  Our prices are always discounted and usually a lot better than what you have been paying.  Plus you’ll be able to choose from different laminate types like double sided laminate, single sided laminate, single sided with adhesive back and adhesive only laminate rolls.  All will work with the 3M Scotch LS 1050 Cold Laminator.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us.  We’re always glad to help.

Visit our video page for cold laminator demos and how to load and unload laminate roll sets.

Please Note:  We do offer quantity discounts that will appear for laminate orders at checkout: 1-2 sets, 3-8 sets, 9-14 sets and 15 or more.  These discounts are based on orders of the same product and not mix or match.  You may also call us at 800-321-5716 or email for better prices & questions.