Cold Laminate Refills

Bright White Paper Co. offers a huge selection of cold laminate refills in rolls and cartridges for Xyron and compatible with VariQuest, Scotch, CoolLam, eCool, and Profinish laminators. Get discount pricing.  School PO’s are always Ok.  We ship worldwide.


We distribute cold laminators and laminate refills throughout the US and around the world.  Our prices are always discounted ensuring all customers – schools, government, military and businesses – the best prices available.   Most laminators and laminate refills are in stock including double sided (DL), single sided (SL) and adhesive products (AT)  and are shipped same day or within 24 hours of your order.  If you need your products shipped overnight, 2nd day or around the world, it’s not a problem.  If you don’t see your model laminator or you’re having trouble locating cold laminate refills for your machine, please feel free to call us at 800-321-5716.  We’re here to help.

Bright White is also a manufacturer of specialty poster printer paper compatible with Varitronics/Fujifilm/Variquest printers, and Easyboards®, reusable display & presentation boards and distributes the wide format Education Pro Color Poster Maker from Epson.  For more information on all the products we offer, select one of the links above.

Many dealers put their own stickers or “re brand”  their machines confusing customers into thinking that dealer is the only source for their system.  Not True!  If you see your laminator here, or one that looks similar, chances are we sell the laminate refills.  Select a machine below:

  • Xyron 1250 – 12″ wide laminator, discontinued (accepts 1255 cartridges)

  • Xyron 4400 – 42″  wide laminator accepts both 38″ and 42″ wide laminate

  • ProFinish® Proprietary Varitronics® ProFinish® 24” laminator, laminate refills are specific to this machine and more expensive than the Xyron 2500, even though it is the same the laminate is sourced from the same manufacturer. 


  • VariQuest 2510  Cold Laminator – Proprietary Laminator, 25″ laminate refills are specific to this machine and are more expensisve than the Xyron 2500. 

  • 3M Scotch LS 1050 Laminators – 25″ laminator, same as the Xyron 2500 except laminate refills are 250″ rather than 300′, accepts Xyron 2500 laminate


If you need help with your cold laminator, visit our video demo page