The Brady BLS 1255 cold laminator is the Xyron Pro 1255 lamination system. The Brady machine is no longer available but the Xyron 1255 cold laminator is and the same laminate refills for the Xyron 1255 will fit the Brady system as well. 

Select this link for laminate refills for the Brady BLS  1255. 


These 12″ wide cold laminators don’t use lectricity to operate so there is no warm up, no heat no odor -completely On Demand lamination.  And, because you hand crank your materials through this laminator, you move it as fast or as slow as you want, stop it where you want and trim.  There is no waste! Finally, these machines are gear driven.  Other than the one year warranty it comes with there is no need to offer extended warranties or maintenance contracts because there really is nothing to break.


Customers that use the Brady BLS 1255 will not have choices of laminate: Double  Sided  (DL), Single Sided (SL), Single Sided with Adhesive Backs (LAT), and Adhesive Backing only (AT).  All Laminate refills for the Xyron Pro 1255 can be used  with the Brady BLS 1255 cold laminator.

These cold laminators use an adhesive type of laminate film that sticks to everything it touches.  You’ll be able to cut into items and up to edges and it will never peel apart.  Plus, because they use no electricity to operate, you’ll be able to laminate On Demand.  When you’re ready to laminate, so is your machine.


If you have questions about your cold laminator or the Brady BLS 1255, feel free to call us at 800-321-5716 or email us.